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Pletox is an AI based business workflow mapping toolkit consisting of all the necessary modules of the business like mail, collaboration, accounting, HR and more.

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An intuitive and robust workflow mapping tool

Create your own business workflow without any coding experience using our simple SmartFlow app integrating with all the other business apps bundled with Pletox.

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What do you get?

You don't need anyother Business Application once you on-board on Pletox an All-in-One platform to comprise all your crucial business components with smooth customizable interlinking.

Business E-mails

Get professional business emails
with a custom domain for
your team.

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Team Collaboration

Feature rich group and
one-to-one chat as well as video conferencing tools.

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Project Management

Simplified but efficient
projects and task management
with time tracking and more.

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Business Accounting

Manage your finances,
prepare invoices & estimates
and track customer statements.

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Human Resource

Manage employess, salaries,
leaves, appraisals, job postings
and a lot more.

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Marketing Automation

Run and Evaluate social media ads,
lead generation and adwords
campaigns from single dashboard.

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Leads Management

A complete CRM in place to
manage your leads, followups, customers and contacts.

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Smart Forms

Create smart data-entry or functional
forms to automate data inflow and

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Smartly interlink your business components!

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Why Pletox

Do more with an end-to-end solution


Full Enterprise Solution

Pletox comes with all the necessary business applications in one place keeping them smoothly interlinked.


Comprehensive Apps

Every application in Pletox is an extensive app with all the efficient features required to run the particular business component.


Shared Files Drive

On Pletox, every file of the system in stored in a centralised drive which has all the desired features of cloud based file system.


Artificial Intelligence

Focused on the automation of maximum number of business operations with AI and Maching Learning.


Birds-eye Dashboards

Reduce time and effort on analysing your business components with detailed analytical dashboards for each component.


Centralised Console

A centralised administration panel to manage all your entities and apps involved in your business.

Pletox worklfow is already being loved by users

With Pletox, managing my company's worklfow has improvised tremendously achieving efficieny and profitability.

For a large enterprise like Thakkers, Pletox became to be the perfect choice to synchronize all the entities of our business.

Our search for a cheap and efficient professional email solution ended with getting onboarded on Pletox.

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