Payroll & Expenses

Simplify the complex Payroll

Payroll made intelligent, integrated and simplified, leaving no room for fallacy and effort loss.


Define your salary components

Simplify salary management by defining and customizing salary components with our HRMS software. Tailor the salary structure to your organization's needs, including basic pay, allowances, deductions, and bonuses. Streamline payroll processes, ensure accuracy, and efficiently manage employee compensation with a flexible and customizable system for defining salary components.

Manage Reimbursements & Expenses

Simplify reimbursement and expense management with our comprehensive HRMS software. Effortlessly track, submit, and approve employee expense claims, manage reimbursement policies, and streamline the reimbursement process. Enhance accuracy, reduce paperwork, and efficiently manage employee expenses with a user-friendly and automated system for managing reimbursements and expenses.


Track loans and advances

Effectively track and manage employee loans and advances with our HRMS software. Streamline the loan application process, track repayment schedules, and automate deduction calculations. Enhance financial transparency, ensure compliance, and simplify loan and advance management with a comprehensive system that enables efficient tracking and administration.

Process Payroll within minutes

Process payroll with speed and accuracy using our HRMS software, completing the task within minutes. Automate calculations, deductions, and tax withholdings, while ensuring compliance with labor regulations. Streamline payroll processing, save time and effort, and generate error-free paychecks with our efficient payroll module.


Distribute branded payslips to your employees

Deliver professional and branded payslips to your employees seamlessly with our HRMS software. Customize and distribute digital payslips that reflect your company's brand identity. Enhance communication, reduce administrative overhead, and provide employees with clear and visually appealing payslips that contain all the necessary information.

Salary Structure

Effortlessly design and manage customized salary structures with our HRMS software.

Compliances and Taxes

Ensure compliance and simplify tax management with our HRMS software.

Loans & Advances

Efficiently manage employee loans and advances with our HRMS for streamlined financial administration.


Manage employee allowances seamlessly for accurate compensation management.

Payout Insights

Gain valuable insights into employee payouts and financials with our HRMS for informed decision-making.

Overtime Payments

Effortlessly manage and calculate overtime payments with our HRMS for accurate compensation.

Leave Deductions

Leave deductions in payroll ensuring accurate & automated adjustments to employee compensation.

Bonuses & More

Efficiently manage bonuses & other additional compensation elements in payroll with our HRMS.

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