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Map your Org structure and define your company policies, no matter what size your Workforce is or how diverse your policies are.

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Setup your organisation

Create your organisation structure

Create your organization structure effortlessly with our intuitive HRMS software. Design and customize hierarchies, departments, and teams to reflect your company's unique organizational setup. Streamline employee management, enhance collaboration, and improve decision-making with a clear and well-defined structure that aligns with your business objectives.

Manage employee profiles

Efficiently manage and maintain employee profiles with our comprehensive HRMS software. Easily store and update essential employee information, such as personal details, job history, skills, and performance metrics. Enhance HR processes, ensure data accuracy, and empower your team with a centralized platform for seamless employee profile management.

Manage employee profiles
Organise employee documents

Organise all Employee Documents at One Place

Simplify document management with our HRMS software by organizing all employee documents in one centralized location. Say goodbye to the hassle of physical paperwork and scattered files. Streamline processes, ensure compliance, and easily access and securely store important documents such as contracts, certifications, performance appraisals, and more, all within a user-friendly digital repository.

Personal dashboard to all your employees

Empower your employees with a personal dashboard in our HRMS software, providing them with a personalized hub for managing their work-related information. From leave requests and attendance records to performance insights and training opportunities, employees can conveniently access and track their key HR data in one place. Foster engagement, self-service, and transparency with a user-friendly and intuitive personal dashboard.

Employee Self Service Portal
Organisation Chart

Org Chart

Visualize and navigate your organization's structure with ease using our Org Chart feature.

Employee Database

Efficiently manage and access employee information with our comprehensive Employee Database.

Multiple Companies

Effortlessly handle and manage multiple companies within a single HRMS software platform.


Easily organize and manage departments/branches with our intuitive HRMS software.

Online Attendance

Streamline employee attendance tracking with seamless clock-in and attendance management.

Leaves Management

Simplify and automate leave management processes with our efficient HRMS software.

Employee Dashboard

Empower employees with a centralized and personalized hub for managing their information.

Biometric Attendance

Enhance attendance accuracy and security with seamless biometric attendance integration.

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